Letter from so called CIC appeared to be forgery as there are no valid signature
June 25, 2018 - Written by Golisnews Editor
This letter  from so called CIC appeared to be forgery as there are no valid signature.  I guest  Majeertenia Warlord Mr Abdiwali  Gaas wrote it but neither  his signiture nor other so called council members put their signature in the letter.
We are aware that Abdiwali abused power of his nephew  Farmajo who is weak  and incompetent Prisident.
Somaliland recognise only  the central government fand they regarded federal states as gevorners in regional administrations in Somalia.  Somaliland has 13 regional administrations or provinces.
It appeared that so called council interstates cooperation which warlord Abdiwali  Gas is the chairperson took the central states position and dealling with international relations and forgein policy of Somali Federal States.
Somaliland gained its independence on 26th June after 86 years protectorate by Great Britain.  Somaliland made unpopular  and unofficial  union with South Somalia on 1st July 1960.
1961 the Somaliland citizens voted against the union the union. Their vote was not counted and since that time Somalialiland was occupied by South Somalia and ruled with  a force.
Somaliland citizens established  a milatery wing rebel called  Somali National Movement(SNM).
After hard struggeling battle left 60 thouzends civilians mascared by milatery junta from South Somalia. Somaliland regained their indepence after 30 years hardship and colonisation by their neighbour country Somalia and reformed Republic of Somaliland.
Somaliland and Somalia are two seperate country and will never reunite again.  The international community should not being choosing one side of this dispute between Somaliland and Somalia. They can play a mediation role.
International community to consider granting international recognition to Somaliland goverment and the special arrange deal to be ungoing continued.
Abdi abdillahi Hassan;
Berbera; Somaliland




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